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"Butch Is Not A Dirty Word has helped me feel community in ways I didn't know I could. The essay's and interviews are truly incredible. Thank you for the work you do."

"Butch Is Not A Dirty Word has become a mantra to combat negative self talk about my appearance. I really appreciate this page and the work y'all are doing."

"Any time i tried to express my non-femme identity growing up, my mom would throw the word butch at me like an insult. Now I can call myself Butch and smile. Love to everyone involved with this platform!"


I think about my past romantic relationships in which some of the women I dated overlooked my masculinity or never really revered it. It took time for me to settle into to myself, comments like “really…your not a man, stop trying.”  It was those significant memories, that taught me that if someone can’t acknowledge the whole me then we are just not a good fit. I recognized my worth and to be grateful for what I have now, respect for myself and a dope ass wife....

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Meet A Butch: Toni Maestas

As a relationship anarchist, all the people I choose to be close to (that includes my relationships with friends and family) are most important to me. Relationship anarchy is creating the structure of your relationships based on the needs of each person involved, not on the constructs set by society. This means each relationship will be unique and each will be as valid and important as the others. I don't subscribe to the notion of the relationship escalator, and cherish friends and lovers and friends that are lovers and lovers that are friends....

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Butch Enough

Although I originally believed that this was a one-off, I began to notice that getting hit on by gorgeous feminine women was not actually a rare experience here – everywhere I went in this city, these women were coming onto me and making the first moves! This had never happened before in my life, I'd never been thought of as "physically attractive". In the past when people had crushes on me it was because I was funny, adventurous and interesting. Never purely just because I was "hot"....

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